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Modular Based Systems


As audio interface, console control, video and data signal, along with rack power connection requirements have changed so has the DRIVE rack. EMG has created a massive selection of module based units to make designing a custom IO for your exact requirements easier than ever before. We start with ruggedized frames to hold the modules in either fixed or hinged designs, then offer a selection of panel and enclosure modules to hold the good stuff! Module designs cover connectors from XLR to Fiber optics and multi-pin to power, if you need it we have you covered.


You can also rest easy knowing our module based assemblies feature our industry leading “Own it for Life” warranty* which will never leave you or your company down due to manufacturing defects.


Browse our inventory below and if you don’t see exactly what you want view the blank panel options in our Modular Frame metalwork section, their you can choose off the shelf DIY parts or have us custom wire them to your exact needs and if you don’t see it there let our custom shop take over!

Product Details

All EMG Module based assemblies are hand built by our legendary technicians, pre-fabrication each cable is cuts and inspected then hand soldered or crimped, assembled and tested ensuring each product meets our strict QC and performance requirements. From the built in house enclosures featuring all aluminum heavy gage construction with black anodized finish and laser engraving, to the custom designed oxygen free wiring and mounting componentry each product is built to last a lifetime of trouble free ownership

Connections / Styles Available:


  • 5015 Circular: 25pin/8ch, 37pin/12ch, 54pin/16ch, 85pin/28ch, 100pin/32ch, and 150pin/48ch

  • Mass Type: Whirlwind compatible: W1/12ch, W2/20ch, W4/58ch

  • CPC: 37pin/12ch

  • MIL-28840: 64pin/16ch or 20ch and 121pin/32ch, 36ch or 40ch

  • XLR: 3pin, 5pin, tailed and pass-through

  • BNC: 75ohm, 50ohm tailed and pass-through

  • Network/RJ45: eitherCON, Keystone, tiled and pass-through

  • Multimedia: HDMI, USB, DSUB, RCA, FIrewire, Thunderbolt

  • Socapex: 12/19 dedicated ground and 12/14 common ground

  • speakON: NL4, NL8

  • PowerCON: 20A, 32A, TRUE1 TOP

  • Power: Twistlock, Edison, Pin and Sleeve, IEC

  • Cooling: Fans, Venting

  • Accessories: Tie-offs, brackets, enclosures, grommets, brushes

Modular Based Systems

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Select Inventory
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