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Entertainment Manufacturing Group serves the audio, video, broadcast, touring, and installation markets as a complete manufacturing source for metal and cabling products. EMG offers an unsurpassed variety of manufactured and distributed products as well as design and engineering services to meet your specific needs.

The team at EMG prides itself in offering American Manufacturing, Superior Service, and Elite Solutions.

With these core tenets, we are able to provide YOUR business with the best possible vendor partnership... helping YOUR business grow, excel and profit.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing process allows us to complete all facets of production in-house, from design and development to fabrication and quality control. While our vast stock of commonly used industry connectors and components allows for quick turnaround and near limitless customization options.

EMG specializes in both stock design and custom assemblies built to accommodate your needs for: Audio Infrastructure, Power Distribution, Cable Assemblies, and Metalwork.


Our clients and products can be found around the world and on nearly every concert tour, festival, and venue on US soil.
Markets Served


The EMG Brand is a leader in audio cabling and interface products specifically designed for the entertainment industry. With decades of industry experience matched with in-house manufacturing capabilities in our state of the art facility, audio professionals & sound and staging companies have come to rely on EMG to produce quality, custom audio equipment for the professional audio trade.


From a simple microphone cable to a complex multi-pin assembly, EMG meets every need, budget, and timeline for professionals in the audio business.



Whether your Video requirements call for a single cable or custom harness, Entertainment Manufacturing Group is a premier supplier of custom products manufactured distinctively for video professionals. With your desired specs, EMG configures video equipment cables, panels, and parts to suit your needs.


Cabling options include: HDMI, component video, s-video, composite video, RCA, and DVI along with all-in-one connector options, various video breakouts, multi-pin HD video connectors and cabling.



EMG’s background in Professional AV, Mobile Broadcast and Live Event touring has helped us develop some of the most unique, well-engineered  and robust broadcast AV products available including: advanced metalwork solutions, hybrid cable solutions, fiber optics and HD video connectivity.


Our understanding of simplification and rugged reliability continue to propel our vast growing broadcast specific product lines forward and bring innovative ideas to market.


The vertically integrated in house metal fabrication, finishing services and cable assembly allow EMG to provide incredible design flexibility and customization with lead times unrivaled by the completion.



EMG offers an assortment of standard and custom manufactured touring grade audio, video and broadcast interface equipment — with the custom manufacturing capabilities to build from scratch, if required.


Products range from custom amp racks and drive systems to complete tour-ready splitter systems and cabling.


Manufacturers in EMG's touring product inventory include Neutrik, Ramtech, Ten47, LK, Syntax, Switchcraft, Amphenol, Belden, Gepco, and Jensen.



Professional Theatrical Productions rely on EMG to provide custom built products to meet every show and venue installation need. With products built specifically to meet the demanding blueprint of modern theater productions, EMG offers stage-worthy inventory for a successful theatrical production.


With our years of experience, we are able to offer products built to meet the demands and requirements of a national tour or a venue installation. When your next theatrical production arises, EMG helps put you in the spotlight.



EMG has a variety of install- cabling options for audio, video, broadcast, and data. Many of these product offerings are built with the same products found in the company's touring grade assemblies, but designed with the installer/integrator in mind. These include custom assemblies that are ready to complete onsite with little or no special tooling, along with complete rack builds ready to install to your specs.

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