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Let EMG Be Your "Go to Guys" for All Your Entertainment Needs!

Originally, Entertainment Metals Incorporated (EMI),we re-branded as Entertainment Manufacturing Group (EMG) to better represent our extensive product and fabrication capabilities.

Companies that have the ability to offer an expansive range of in-house fabrication and product customization are very hard to find and Entertainment Manufacturing Group has built a reputation for being one of the best. Our clients and products can be found around the world and on nearly every concert tour, festival, and venue on US soil.

With decades of experience in the entertainment manufacturing industry, we will turn your visions into a reality quickly, accurately, and economically without sacrificing quality or performance. 

EMG has gained the reputation for being the “Go To” place when you want it done right and on time.  As we continue to grow, we will continue to expand products and services that allow for higher volumes and even faster turnarounds, all while continuing to provide the absolute best products, service and  solutions your money can buy.




EMG offers pre-made cables in a multitude of configurations ranging from single channel cords to complex multi-pin assemblies.


Every single cable is cut, terminated and tested by a member of the EMG team, in-house, assuring they are the highest quality, longest lasting cables money can buy.


Our extensive knowledge of industry standard connectors, configurations, and specifications ensures you can get what you need, when you want it!

Cable Assembly


Custom Interface technology is the core of any great business and EMG is proud to help solve problems facing today’s Entertainment Professionals. Our experienced team of fabricators, seasoned sales engineers and dedicated staff, work every day to do just that . . . solve your problems.


Our talented design/build team combines over 30 years in the industry, and can create interfacing technology that links your entire project or company. We will create and/or fortify your network of gear, into cohesive, reliable and harmonious collection that works for you, your client or your sub-contractors.


Our audio interface offerings include, broadcast AV paneling, loudspeaker drive systems, amplifier rack interfaces, hybrid analog / digital audio interfaces, AES distribution systems, DANTE/AVB bridge solutions, power distribution, network integration, fiber optics and multi-pin stage solutions. If you need it we can create it!

EMG Custom Assembly
Custom Shop
EMG Power Distribution

Power Distribution

Our Power Solutions at EMG are second to none. We provide one of the widest ETL listed offerings on the market today, ranging from a selection of standard modular power packs, rack and case mounted distros, work box devices and stringer systems.


We also offer complete in-house custom fabrication, allowing you to build power products to your exact specifications. Don’t settle, get what you need.

Our Options include: Connector design/ layout, color anodizing, custom engraving, Case design, along with OEM branding and packaging services.

Power Distribution

Metal Fabrication

EMG’s metal division is what started it all. From conceptual drawings/ideas, to final proof, to finished product (and everything in between) our dedicated CAD/Engineering team will assist you with your most simple project to your most complex.


Every piece of metal we produce boasts our commitment to perfection in both form and function. We offer an ample selection of stock panels and enclosures for DIY projects and installations but if you can’t find it we can create it.


Our custom metal department creates custom plates, panels, and enclosures no matter the size or design. Blank or custom, punched, bent and/or engraved, we are uniquely tooled up to accommodate this industry.


Products go through every phase here, from raw material to finished good, completely in-house.

EMG Custom Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
EMG Anodizing Shop

Metal Finishing & Engraving

EMG houses one of the largest automated Anodizing lines in the state of Florida with state of the art chemistry to provide not only the most durable and longest lasting product but a beautiful consistent finish time after time.


We also offer powder and painting services with custom color matching allowing for the perfect finish to any installation project.


In-house laser etching, deep paint filled engraving and screen printing allow for the perfect solution to complete the look for even the most demanding of projects.

Metal Finishing & Engraving

Individual Parts Sales

As product distribution has made its presence into our business plan it has opened the door to our extensive stock of industry standard and hard to find components at pricing that cant be beat.


We now offer a vast amount of loose piece parts and distributed product lines, many of which have been used in our own products and OEM assemblies since the beginning.


A few of these brands include: Neutrik, Belden, Amphenol, Hubbell, Leviton, Jensen, Syntax, Sensata, TE, Ten47, and LK, along with our own in-house connector and cable brand, Tour-Tronics

Parts Bins2.jpg
Individual Parts Sales
Explore our vast array of distributed, custom & semi-custom assembly stock.
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