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Portable Rolling Rack


EMG “MPD” power products are built to get the job done right every time. “MPD” is short for Modular Power Distribution, and at EMG we have a vast offering of pre-configured input, output, combo and breaker panels that can be assembled into our ruggedized case mount or rack mountable NEMA rated enclosures as needed to meet the demands of your power needs. These panels rage in size from 1RU to 8RU and can be custom configured up to 24RU in solid panel design for needs that exceed our stock designs or where space is limited. We build each unit to withstand the rigors of event touring, mobile broadcast and theatrical use, and recommend them for all sectors entertainment production and permanent installation.


We guarantee our products quality, reliability and safety above all else and back each with our “Own it for Life warranty”, ensuring every product is built to provide a lifetime of use and never leave your stranded due to a manufacturing defect.


Browse our inventory below and if you don’t see exactly what you want let our custom shop take over!

Product Details

All EMG Power Distribution products are fabricated in house by certified skilled technicians to the latest UL requirements and ETL listed. Our enclosures are fabricated with the highest grade materials and finished in black brushed anodizing or powder coat and carry the 50e rating. Custom engraving via laser etch or UV substrate is available to make them your own. “MPD” products are perfect for use anywhere power distribution is needed.

Products Available:

  • Pre-configured: selection of the most popular configurations via modular Power Rack Panels

  • Modular: built to suite from our selection of Power Rack Panels

  • Suitcase: rolling molded SKB waterproof distribution

  • Custom: fabricated to order via single panel or multi panel designs, with custom flight case and configurations as required

Portable Rolling Rack

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