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Modular Frame Metalwork

Modular Frame Metalwork


Modular frame systems from EMG provide a unique approach to rack configurations and lean customizable rental solutions. The metalwork offered here are the building blocks to our Module based system assemblies located in the Snakes, Splitters and Multiwire Systems category. EMG has taken it's years of custom infrastructure design and created a huge selection of off the shelf products to meet many of today’s IO and Power rack building needs.


Below you will find a variety of frames, panels and enclosures to create just about anything you can dream up. If you don’t see exactly what you want let our custom shop take over! We can custom create any part of this systems to suit your exact requirements.

Product Details

All EMG metalwork products are built right here in house. Our metal fabrication department consists of modern machines including punch, laser and machining processes, state of the art finishing systems and dedicated engineering. We fabricate in just about any material including aluminum, steel, brass, and plastics. Product finishes include anodizing, powder coating, painting and specialty plating. Engraving via laser, screen or UV substrate.

Products Available:


  • Frames: steel or aluminum, punched or machined, anodized or powder coat, fixed or hinged

  • Panels: .125 thick aluminum, punched or machined, blank or laser etched

  • Enclosures: 16awg steel, black powder coat

  • Accessories: specialty brackets, tie offs, stain reliefs, hardware, fittings


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