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Modern amplified speaker systems require precision quality cabling you can count on time after time. EMG‘s fabricates standard global compatible cabling and specialty cabling solutions for a wide variety of industry standard speaker systems and line arrays. Our cables are designed with the most advanced materials and design techniques available to ensure their proper deployment and function time after time. All cables are designed of event touring, broadcast and theatrical use they are suitable for all sectors of audio production and installation.

All EMG Speaker cables assemblies feature our industry leading “Own it for Life” warranty* which will never leave you or your company down due to cable manufacturing defects.

Browse our inventory below and if you don’t see exactly what you want let our custom shop take over!


All EMG Speaker cable assemblies are hand built by our legendary technicians, each cable is cut and inspected pre-fabrication then hand soldered, assembled and tested ensuring each product meets our strict QC and performance requirements. Every cable we design is constructed with the finest materials available to perform to its exact specified requirement, this includes: highly flexible outer jackets, finely stranded oxygen free copper for superior flexibility and signal transmission, along with proper short twist length for reduced migration and cable strength.

Connections Available:

  • LK3225R: 24 conductor Multi-conductor Speaker Cables and Fan outs

  • SpeakON NL4: 4 and 2 conductor Neutrik NL4FC and NL4FX connections

  • SpeakON NL8: 8 conductor Neutrik NL8FC connections

  • SpeakON STX: 4 and 8 conductor Neutrik NLT4FX, NLT4MX, NLT8FX and NLT8MX connections

  • CACOM: 8 conductor Syntax SPK08 (PACOM compatible) connections


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